Land Rover

This is once again the Holy Grail of Land Rovers, this is the last in existence of the 5 door prototypes. Les who owns this is currently fully restoring this to it’s former glory, and here is all of the Aluminium work completed, apart from the roof, but that come with all of the steel work. This is phase two of the blasting restoration work, and has given Les more than enough to do in the final days of his school holidays, as he’s a teacher in a science department.

Lexus Callipers

Had the pleasure of cleaning some front callipers from a Lexus 220, which needed to be cleaned before a full rebuild and painted to the colour of the car, these will eventually be painted blue to match the car.

Wooden Door

I’ve had the pleasure to work for Sue & Steve in Battle again. This time on a really beautiful oak door they’ve bought for their new oak porch. This was acquired locally and they wanted the dark brown staining removed to show this doors true beauty and original craftsmanship. I’m looking forwards to seeing this door finally in it’s brand new home, offering years of pleasure and protection.

VW Beetle Chassis

This is what’s left of James’s VW Beetle, this originally came to James as a cabriolet but its now going to be transformed in to a beach buggy.

James contacted me a couple of weeks ago wanting to know if I could clean up what’s left of his chassis, so after setting up and a couple of hours later I left him with a very clean chassis, that he could shorten and finish off welding for it’s new life.


Working for Tom from Tadrilling on the Churchfields Industrial estate, cleaning a couple of side projects for both Tom and his father. Starting off with a seat base and an exhaust for a motorcycle, then going on to two seat frames for the rear seats in a series 1 landrover (It maybe a series 2) then finishing off with what’s going to be a lamp post for a back garden over a BBQ. All of these were taken to a local powder coating firm and then back for final assembly.


Worked on good Friday for Paul and his family again near Canterbury. As I said a few weeks ago Paul and his family run fair ground attractions and catering units, and these are the last of the barriers that Paul is currently getting ready to be tested to start working again this year. The final two pictures are some of the barriers I completed on my pervious visit, that Paul has managed to get completed.

Garage Door

Working today in Pevensey Bay, on Behalf of Lee from Spray Genie Limited, I took this garage door back to bare metal for him. This door took a good couple of hours to do which saved Lee an entire day and meant he didn’t have to strip this by hand, and he’ll get it in to an etch primer today, and have it painted tomorrow.

Wooden Chairs

I had a phone call from Rachel last week, and she was somewhat overwhelmed with the arrival of 8 chairs and a large Teak garden table. Both the chairs and table had been painted with Osmo oil, but was the wrong product for these to be coated in, allot of the the wood had actually turned black where it had been sitting outside for almost a year. Rachel had been asked to remove the coating and use a different more suitable coating for this teak furniture, so 7 chairs later Rachel finally had the basis to move forwards, without taking almost 5 hours a chair sanded by hand.

Oak Beams

Working yesterday for Sue & Steve in Battle on some recently installed Oak Beams in to their kitchen. As you can see these beams had strap marks on them from being on the lorry and strapped to a JCB to be lifted and installed in to situ. A local painter and decorator Anthony Reid from A Reid painting and Decorating, passed my details to Sue and Steve and explained that I’d be able to clean their newly placed Oak beams and reveal they’re true beauty and indeed grain, these beams truly stand out now and will look the part for many years to come.

Ford Tractor

Working this morning for Mick at the Westfield Christmas tree farm on his 30 year old Ford Tractor. Mick was given my details a couple of weeks ago via Facebook, as he required work doing on his beloved tractor. The wheels have been sent away for a refurbishment where they’ll also be painted, so it seemed sensible to attack the inner rear wheel arches today, leaving Mick to get these in primer. This tractor will undergo a virtual full sympathetic restoration over the next few weeks, so many more updates to follow.