Aston Martin

It’s not every day you get to work on a floating Aston Martin Db6 and Db9 Rocker Covers. This Aston is in a workshop in Sittingbourne and had previously been to a Blasters up that neck of the woods, after he dented the N/S/F wing he declared that he wasn’t doing anymore pushed it outside and told the owner to come and collect it, this is where I come in. I was asked to freshen up the engine bay and cover the bits and pieces missed by the first attempt, also to remove the rust spots from being left outside, to freshen up the insides, the boot, the doors, the underside and the inner rear wheel arches. The Rocker covers are from a DB9 which had been in a fire, and the owner wanted to give them a new lease of life.

Toyota Camry

Lee contacted me a couple of weeks ago regarding an inlet manifold, 2 x Rocker covers and the plastic cover telling us all about the engine. This 3 Litre V6 from a Toyota Camry is going to be squeezed in to an MR2, which was turbo charged, but blew itself to pieces, these covers are all going to be painted, and will look amazing once this engine has been rebuilt and put in its new home.

Railway Signs

I was contacted by Mr Sayers at the beginning of the week with an enquiry to possibly clean an old railway sign, after collecting the sign and discussing the job as a whole, I was able to add this along with today’s work, once this sign had been painted and returned to it’s former glory, this sign will once again with pride adorn a wall somewhere.

MK1 Escort

Richard contacted me quite some time ago about a four door Mk1 Escort and potential works that he’d like carried out. After discussing the way to go with the gentleman that’s going to restore his new beloved car it was time to strip it out and see what needed doing. After sending me some pictures I could see around the rear door frame looked to be alot of filler, After Richard started poking around it had almost 2 cm of filler in places, and what was underneath was really crusty, so both of the rear panels were removed. These replacement rear panels and front wings which are genuine Ford panels were found in Ireland and the chap even delivered them. So to the panels, they needed a really gentle clean in order to remove the surface rust and to see how good they were, the rear panel with the filler in it has some holes where the rear light sits, other than that they’re extremely good panels, so if to the painter for priming and eventually refitting.

Paint Removal Brick Wall

I’ve cleaned this house in Westfield for the loveliest couple you could possibly meet, they moved in to this house over three months ago, lived the house but positively disliked the blue paint. The first couple of pictures are on the extension of the house and they dislike the fact that their friends said oh you live in the blue house. After masking the living room window up in order to protect the glass from possible scratching it was full steam ahead, obviously being fully aware of the surface off the bricks in order NOT to damage them, hence they’re still being some light patches of blue. The final four pictures are of what will again be the garage, and the chuck of wall has been left as this will be removed for the garage door.

MG BGT Engine

Working for Phil in Rye on the engine bay of an MG Bgt. There are some extremely difficult to reach places with lots of nooks and crannies, which would be virtually impossible to clean effectively by hand, especially the vents. This has literally saved Phil easily a day or two having to try to clean this engine bay by hand, also the bonnet with a good chunk of the original sound deadening so attached, as you can see where the large chunk is was week and truly stuck fast, so as not to damage the panel this will be done by hand using an orbital sander.


After spending the last 7 working day’s in a huge barn cleaning 40ft high beams and legs using a cherry picker, it was quite nice to return to the ground today and clean 5 Mg Bgt wheels, all ready for a brand new look, these have come out really beautifully, and will look stunning once they’ve been painted in they’re new colours.

Lotus Europa

Working today for Alex in the Pett area, and he specialises in Lotuses, Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Alex is Currently working on a Lotus Europa which has come to him for a full restoration, after sanding the body by hand, and coming up against white stuff that Lotus originally used, he decided on the really flimsy stuff I could clean those for him. The bonnet probably isn’t original to the car, as there isn’t a gel coat on it, but the rear engine cover, being orange is quite possibly original to the car, so nothing like a baptism of fire on fibreglass panels.

Brick Wall

Worked last week for Tom McShane from TM Roofing Southern LTD on removing paint from this wall where moisture had been trapped behind the paint. Tom was given the task of making some roofing repairs, but the owner was concerned over the level of damp currently in their property. This is unfortunately a North facing so gets almost no sun for the majority of the year, as I was starting to remove the paint you could physically start to see the moisture come to the surface and start leaving the brickwork.

Peugeot 106 GTI

Some bits and pieces from a Peugeot 106 Gti that’s currently undergoing a sympathetic restoration. Along with a complete engine rebuild, even though it’s only done 72 thousand miles, it’s also having a complete gearbox rebuild, and later on brakes, clutch and some bodywork back to it’s original Blaze Yellow.