Blasted Bare was founded by Phill, and here at Blasted Bare we have quickly become your go to Mobile Blaster, who will cover all your blasting needs, ranging from a piece of timber to paint removal on a larger scale and anything in between .

Gritco Precision Blasting Machine
Gritco Precision Blasting Machine
Miniveyor Air

About the Media:

We use three types of Media on different surfaces. The Blasting Process involves using Compressed Air and one of these Abrasive Mediums. It will smooth out a rough surface such as rust and corrosion which are common problems and sandblasting is a quick and effective solution to restoring items back to their former glory.

We use soda which is an Eco Friendly option, and uses Sodium Bicarbonate which is usually used on Catering equipment in-situ and soft metals such as brass and bronze and some plastics, such as motor cycle fairings. It is perfect for Sensitive Surfaces. This is also very suitable for Fire damage as it will deodorise as it cleans away the smoke.

We use Glass which works so well on Wood, fibreglass, metal and aluminium.

The final Media we use is Restofine, which comes in two sizes, the 0.25 micron which is ideal for Finer detailed work in metals and wood. The 0.50 micron is ideal for hard woods, heavier stained metal and wood work.

We have worked on a vast and diverse amount of products, an example of some would be a bronze bell from 1810, cars, oak conservatories, walls, wood beams, jet ski engine, vintage aircraft components, wheels, bike frames, engines, bicycles, exhausts, EGR Valves, wooden doors both interior and exterior. Restoring old suitcases, Fireplaces, brick work, chairs, stools and a field gun from 1880 and much more.

Where we Operate:

Blasted Bare is located in Hastings, East Sussex, and we service this area and all surrounding areas. For larger jobs we will travel further a field to Brighton, Hove, parts of Kent and many more.

After we get your enquiry, we will give you a call back to discuss your exact needs and find out where you are located. If we feel it is a job we can do for you, we will then arrange to visit you in order to give an accurate quote for the job. We will then arrange a date for the job where we will come to your property to do it. We must have a safe environment in which to work and enough room for the vehicle to be parked both safely and legally.

A few Photos of myself working and the Blasted Bare Truck.