MK1 Escort

Richard contacted me quite some time ago about a four door Mk1 Escort and potential works that he’d like carried out. After discussing the way to go with the gentleman that’s going to restore his new beloved car it was time to strip it out and see what needed doing. After sending me some pictures I could see around the rear door frame looked to be alot of filler, After Richard started poking around it had almost 2 cm of filler in places, and what was underneath was really crusty, so both of the rear panels were removed. These replacement rear panels and front wings which are genuine Ford panels were found in Ireland and the chap even delivered them. So to the panels, they needed a really gentle clean in order to remove the surface rust and to see how good they were, the rear panel with the filler in it has some holes where the rear light sits, other than that they’re extremely good panels, so if to the painter for priming and eventually refitting.