Mk1 Ford Escort Mexico

Today my travels took me to Gravesend, to work for Mark at Barney Sands, which is an accident repair centre, but today I’ve had the pleasure of working on various components from a Mk1 Ford Escort Mexico. The Mexico in question is currently in the paint booth being primed all ready for its brand new coat of Daytona yellow tomorrow, and was originally bought by Mark 40 years ago and was subsequently owned by various members of his family, and finally a good friend who pulled the car to pieces 35 years ago, and Mark is once again a very happy owner of his Beloved Mexico. So starting with an extremely rare belly pan, which the majority of owners threw away, due to weight and the issues of re fitting it after a service. So I’ve cleaned all the suspension components, rear axle, brake calipers, springs, front and rear anti roll bars, and pretty much everything else to do with it. Many thanks to Mark for trusting me with his work today.