1971 Motor

I had the absolute pleasure to work on this beast a couple of days ago, in Chartham near Canterbury, this is undergoing a restoration to make it everyday use friendly and show quality to.

The floor in the bed had been completely removed and the sides of the bed needed cleaning to see what of any rust had set in that couldn’t be seen under normal cleaning, the tail gate looked really good until I removed an extreme amount of filler along it’s to edge to find lots of rust and pre drilled holes from a former use. The roof had rust holes along the rear and along the gutter line to the left and right which were half uncovered but not to they’re full extent as to the amount of rust there.The bonnet looked awful, but was in excellent condition with no rust or damage present at all, only the usual bondo/filler that seems to be on every American car that I’ve come across from the 60’s and 70’s in order to give a flat surface before they’re painted. The two doors were also cleaned, the right hand door was in excellent condition with maybe a couple of flat spots and no rust, not bad for a 1971 motor, the left hand door however not so good, the bottom part of the door in both corners had completely rusted away and we’re totally covered with thick filters, it had also undergone metal repairs in the past, as the drilling and welding holes were also covered, this door will more than likely be re-skinned.

The owner of this truck is a really nice chap called John, who found me through Facebook.