1969 Mustang

I’ve had the pleasure of working on some American Muscle, this was in the shape of a 1969 Mustang. I had a call from Max about three weeks ago about his beloved Mustang, and he basically wanted to know exactly what the previous owner had done and hidden with filler. The O/S/F engine chassis rail had completely rotted away and will need replacing, but before blasting it seemed it would be repairable. The air box above the firewall is full of holes and would also require replaceing, but again looked okay before blasting. The N/S/R wing/wheel arch panel has been replaced badly, instead of cutting the old out and cutting the new panel perfectly and welding in it had been cut larger bonded and hidden with filler, you can clearly see this in the photos, so a fair bit of work ahead but Max now knows exactly what he’s got. I also managed to clean the flywheel the rear axle and the gearbox, all of which I failed to photograph before I cleaned them, but the pictures still speak volumes.

The last couple of pictures are my 4.5m long 3m wide pop up workshop and my dust extraction system. Max was given my details from Ian at PBS so Big thanks for that.