Classic Heroes

Had the absolute pleasure to work once again for Classic Heroes in Buxted on Saturday. They have an incredible rare E28 M5 in their workshop for restoration, and had a few trouble spots of rust breaking through on the underside of the car, some spots in the boot all hidden by the power cables running from the battery and in some really awful to reach areas under the bonnet. Considering that only 179 of the E28 M5’s were ever built is a privilege to do some really precise blasting on site to this icon of the early 80’s, the engine is also undergoing a rebuild as its reached its 100,000 mile mark, so the timing chain needs replacing, and a full engine inspection is taking place.

There was a really awful so called repair at some stage in this cars life on the o/s/f jacking point, the two bolts holding this to the rest of the body have been removed and its been badly patched with fillers and what looked to be fiberglass, and then hidden with schutz. This Rare BMW will once again be restored and returned to the road to be enjoyed by its very lucky owner.