Lockers & Chairs

Today I’ve had the pleasure to work for Becky & Dave at their house in St Leonard’s, working on some lockers and a couple of dark brown stained oak chairs. The lockers were painted by a previous owner in a white emulsion, inside and out so much so that when you touched them they almost felt sticky to the touch, so this has all been removed both inside and out all ready for a brand new fresh coat of primer and paint to be given the finish they should have had on the first place.

The two dark brown oak chairs are part of an up-cycling project where Becky has very much come to the end of her patience in removing the staining. By using my extremely fine restofine media this has removed the dark brown stain previously painted on the wood, these chairs are now stunning, and with an extremely fine sanding of the seat itself will be ready for use in their kitchen once again.