Blasted Bare, your mobile surface preparation specialist who predominantly works in and around the East Sussex area but for the larger jobs will travel further a field. Sandblasting is the perfect way to remove paint, rust, grime and weathering to restore your project to its original condition.

We offer free quotes, but only after we have seen the job, as it is so specialised it would be impossible to give you a full quote over the phone or by email.

We offer our services to the public, commercial and industrial customers. We can blast both wet and dry leaving a clean fresh surface ready for the next step in your restoration project.

Surface Preparation and Restoration of:

  • Paint & Graffiti Removal
  • Militaria
  • Car Shells/ Plane / Boat / Trailers
  • Storage Tanks & Equipment
  • Heavy & Plant Equipment & Machinery
  • Gates & Railings
  • Stairways & Fire Escapes
  • Fire Places
  • Garden Furniture
  • Architectural Refurbishments

Soft Wood internal paneling

Soda is predominately used with, soft metals such as brass and Bronze, and plastics.

TR2A Body Shell

Restifine is predominately used for harder woods and heavier stained items

Glass is predominately used with wood, Fibreglass, Metal and Aluminium.

With Blasted Bare you get a personalised experience, with work to suit your individual needs. You will get high quality work from an experienced blaster, using only environmentally friendly media. Please use the Contact form to let us know what your needs are today.

What Blasted Bare can Do
Blasted Bare at Work